Bottle Banter: When to Wean?

Look how happy... twenty months with her bottle. Oh, what would the American Academy of Pediatrics think? I'm 8 months past due for this weaning thing.

This is my daughter Brynn. She LOVES her "bah bah." Brynn was previously weaned at 12 months, and quite honestly potty trained. But at a year old, she got RSV and our world turned upside down. She was so sick that I very nearly lost her. Needless to say, for a long time I could care less about weaning or potty training. I had my baby and she could be a baby as long as she wanted.

I know I pushed Brynn hard as an infant, following all the "bah bah" recommendations and helping her to use the potty and a very young age. But this time around, Brynn is taking the lead, and I'm okay with that. Life is too short to fight over a little thing like a bottle.

Brynn takes a sippy cup at daycare, but at home she insists on her bottle. It makes her so happy. She giggles with glee when she sees it. The sippy cup works okay, but quite honestly she drinks much more from her bottle. I don't know that I could get her to drink the daily milk requirements from a sippy cup. My mother, a dietitian, saw Brynn drinking her bottle and said, "Well that's okay. She probably gets much more calcium that way." So, I'm okay with her getting extra calcium. I'm not going to push her until she is ready to drink from a big girl cup. She has opinions on everything right down to which foot I need to put her shoe on first (the left), so she can decide. I won't fight her too hard on this. We'll get there. Right now we are enjoying the "bah bah."

WebMD: Weaning Baby from Bottle to Cup

What are your thoughts? When did you wean your babies or toddlers?


Happy New Year Mabu Babies!

Congratulations to Christine Lopes, the White Christmas Mabu Baby winner!

What a holiday whirlwind! Growing up I loved Christmas and I still do. I always will... But more and more Christmas seems like a very noisy, marathon game of sardines. My husband and my parents live 14 miles from each other, so we end up feeling like a ping pong ball, volleying back and forth for major event after major event. At the end of the day I can't see straight. I love seeing both of our families, but between early mornings, late nights, and trying to fit Brynn's naps into the chaotic schedule, I have absolutely had enough. Next Christmas I'd like to go find a tropical beach to lay on, but I know we could never do that to our families. Maybe things will be easier next year when Brynn will be almost 2 instead of almost 1.


Bonus Mabu Baby White Christmas Contest Entry

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White Christmas Mabu Baby Eco Diaper System Giveaway!

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Inside the Mabu Baby Starter Pack

The Mabu Baby Starter Pack includes two diaper outers with snap-in pad holders, 2 washable pads, 2 disposable pads, and  5 bio-liners. Also pictured is a 48 pack of bio-liners.

Here is the inside of the diaper, and the inside of the washable pad. You simply fold it in half and tuck it into the snap-in pad holder.

This is the diaper outer with a disposable pad in place, as well as a disposable pad pictured covered by a liner. The bio-liners are about the thickness of a dryer sheet and are meant to make it easy to strain out the poo for laundering purposes.

This is how the snap-in pad snaps in and out.


Adventures in the potty & on the boob

I just received the new Sunbaby rain diaper today. My daughter was so excited. She really liked it. She also went poo poo on the potty! Big day for a 9 month old.

I haven't been putting her on the potty as often lately... Only maybe twice a day. She has fun with it, but I just don't want to make it a chore that she hates. She's really babbling lately too. I think it will be easier when she can talk and tell me she has to go. She thinks it's fun to pee and poo on the potty, it's just catching her in time. I feel like she might feel pressured if I potty her every 2 hours. As long as it's working I just want to take it slow.

Besides pottying like a big girl, Brynn also nurses. But recently she has become too busy and distracted to nurse. I teach women to breastfeed as a registered nurse, so I find it incredibly frustrating that I am struggling with our feedings. She is all over the place and really not interested. She just sits there sort of latched on and makes goofy noises and smiles at me waiting for me to make the noises back. I try to cover her with a blanket so she can focus and she just rips it off. She will not have that darn blanket blocking her view. Needless to say, my supply has suffered as well. I wanted to nurse my little girl until she was around 18 months, but I already feel like I have to fight her to get her to eat from me. So, I guess we'll see. She thinks she has better things to do... Like 9 months going on 19 years.


Into the Christmas Spirit

My husband is putting our daughter to sleep and I just opened a big box of Christmas festivity. This is my favorite time of year. We always decorate the tree with Mardi Gras beads and the angel on top is a traditional Mexican doll. She's so pretty. What are your holiday traditions?